Hardware & Software Services

Computer repair, virus & spyware removal, database programming, wired & wireless networking, cabling, and data recovery are just the beginning of our services. After all, we literally “wrote the book” on data recovery and have been doing computer repair and service in the Huntsville area for more than thirty years!

Been stressed with your malfunctioning computers? Think your computer is infected with malware or you need to modify your database programming? You came to the perfect place!

Paper Bird will strive to be your life saver in terms of computer repair, database programming, virus removal, data recovery, cabling, wired and wireless network and more. For over thirty years, we have been helping people solve all their hardware and software issues. And just when you think we already gave you the best, we have something more to offer you.

At Paper Bird, we are constantly evolving with the current technology to keep you updated with the latest solutions. When new technologies emerge that can save you time and money, you can bet we can help you implement them.

Complete Computer Repair

We understand that your computer plays an important role in your daily life, especially when you are running a business. A malfunctioning computer can not only cause you stress but cost you money. We are here to give you computer repair services that ensures that your computer will be back up and running as quickly and economically as possible.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there, we can also repair your printers and devices!

Database Programming

If you need database programming, choosing Paper Bird Tek is an excellent choice. We have the expertise and experience in providing each of our clients with high quality and versatile database programming allowing you to have better performance and higher productivity.

Cabling: Wired and Wireless Networking, Phones, Speakers, and More

Whether you require a wired or wireless network or a combination of both, we can provide you with the most reliable, fastest and most secure connections for your home or business.

Guest wifi? Check! Multiple networks? Check! Seemless roaming? Check! 802.11ax WiFi 6? Check check!

Cabling for phones (analog, digital, or VOIP) as well as speakers and other low voltage applications can be done as well, even at the same time as networking, saving you time and money.