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Why I start almost every infection removal with Malwarebytes.

Over the years I have really heavily used Malwarebytes to start the diagnostic process for a lot of my clients. If their machine seemed to be infected or was just slow, that was the tool I pulled out first. Let’s take a closer look at why that is. In my field I could use pretty much any diagnostic tool out there, and I have a large arsenal from which…

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What’s inside: LCD monitors

Ever wonder what exactly is inside your monitor and how it works? With the majority of computer monitors these days being LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) let’s have a look inside one and see what makes it tick. I should warn you first, do not take a monitor apart unless you are experienced with this type of electronics. Monitors, even the newer ones, can discharge a large amount of electricity…

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Home and small business computer and network security

It seems that we are hearing almost daily about security breaches and ransomware attacks. Most of the time these are large corporations and government agencies, so how can we possibly keep ourselves protected when they can’t? To start with, we don’t need to be as secure as these other targets because we don’t have as much to protect. No hacker organization is going to expend massive resources attempting to…

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Switching from cable to streaming, Part 3: Data use

There are a lot of data calculators out there to help you figure out how much data you will use streaming video, unfortunately for me they were all wrong. So how much data can you expect to use and how fast does your internet need to be in order to stream? Those are some tricky questions, but let’s see if we can get some answers. We need to start…

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Switching from cable to streaming, Part 2: Hardware

In the last article we talked about replacing your existing cable connection with online streaming services. What we did not discuss was how to get those services from the internet to your television. That is what we will be covering today. If your TV is new enough, and high end enough, it is probably what we call a smart TV. This means it has the capability to run apps…

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Switching from cable to streaming, Part 1: Services

A lot of people are still using a traditional cable service simply because they have been using it for so long that they don’t think about any other way to watch TV. For a lot of these people, they don’t know they can have a better experience for less money. I won’t be using the term “cord cutter” much here because in all fairness anyone who watches TV does…

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Why you should buy your own cable modem

If you use a cable company for your internet the odds are you are renting your modem from your cable company. At first glance this seems like an OK idea since it is usually only $10 a month and if anything goes wrong, they take care of it. There are several problems with this idea however, starting with the fact that you are almost certainly being given a used…

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Picking the best protection for your computers, antivirus/antispyware/antiransomware

There are a lot of threats out there today, and they get smarter and smarter. While no software will protect you from yourself, it does go a long way to help things out. The problem is that there are so many different pieces of software out there, how do you figure out which one is right for you? Let’s dive in and I will show you how I choose…

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What you need to know about Crypojacking

Is it me, or are the names for bad things getting weirder? After I had been into computers for a few years we started having to deal with viruses, now we have spyware, malware, ransomware and cryptojacking. I have visions of a Count Dracula sneaking out of his crypt and carjacking me. Crypojacking simply is someone using your computer to crunch numbers which earns them money. This is often…

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What’s inside: Keyboards

Have you ever wondered what exactly is inside your keyboard? Where all the little pieces of Doritos and bagel go when they mysteriously disappear? While there are a myriad of different types and styles of keyboards out there, there are many similarities as well. Let’s take one apart and see what’s inside! Our victim this time is a fairly popular KeyToninc keyboard. While certainly not a high end keyboard,…

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