Home & Office Integration

Today homes and offices are equipped with network thermostats, cloud surveillance cameras, voice activated digital assistants, smart TVs and media devices of all kinds. You need someone who not only understands how it all works, but uses it. Let us show you how convenient these devices can really be!

Want to have a smart home or office? Looking for one of the best service providers? You have come to the right place. At Paper Bird, we provide home and office integration services that are catered to your specific needs. Become one of our valuable clients today and see how we can transform your home or office into a smart one.

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is considered a house, commercial office, or apartment that has quality devices for controlling multi-media, surveillance, lighting, and other functions. All of them can be controlled when you are at home or away from home anywhere you have internet access. However, make sure that you have a trusted company with experience in Home and Office Integration for greater security over your home or commercial office. With that, your system will be reliable, simpler to use, and more convenient to manage.


Our systems are flexible and rich in wonderful features, providing the ideal solution to suit your needs. Surrounded by well-trained consultants, we will design a system with the useful and functional features you want. Below are some of the features our solutions offer:

• Alerts and Notifications
• Remote viewing and recording
• Device Status and Live System
• Event-Based and Schedule Controls
• Remote Accessibility
• Real-Time Energy Data

With the variety of features that our systems have, letting us handle your home and office Integration will ensure you get the system you want.